Imaginative ways to source the best employees

Finding new talent or reliable people to join your company always feels like a risk.

There are a few methods you can try to find people that will not only be the best fit for your business but also those that will fit in with the current social structure of your company. Embracing new media as well as traditional ways of finding potential candidates is a sure fire way to find the best talent out there.

Hiring outside of your location

Modern technology has done many things for modern businesses, and because of the web, it is possible to hire people from different locations or even from countries.It’s worth considering if the job which you need to fill can be done by some one-off location. This gives you a vast number of candidates to choose from, meaning you can pick the best candidate from many talented people. Not to mention this saves on office space, and office resources too.

Internal referrals

There could already be talented people within your company that would fill the job role perfectly. Rewarding employees for referring candidates to you also ensure that employees feel that they have a future career path and longevity within your business. This can be done manually or there are many kinds of employee referral software out there that can help you in your search.

New and old forms of advertising positions

Social media can be a great help, and is free, compared to advertising on other platforms. Almost everyone uses it so you can be assured that it will reach any potential candidates. Encouraging your current employees as well can be beneficial, as they could potentially reach a vaster number and more diverse number of candidates than you intended to.

Older methods such as using flyers or posters can also be fruitful, and cheaper than advertising on official sites or newspapers. Covering both old and new ways of advertising is sure to reach many candidates which would fit the role perfectly.


Creating paid internships is a  great way to train someone specifically for the job role you require. Paying your interns will also mean that many kinds of candidates will be able to apply for the role and not just a select few, but also the most talented ones too.

Enquiring with local colleges

If your job requires a certain level of education, or this is the kind of employee you want to invest in, then it’s worth looking at local colleges. They will probably have any graduates in the area, so advertise specifically for alumni, or places where these graduates would come across your advertisement, perhaps through email or specific outlets in the centre of town.

Whether you run a small or large company, and whatever your budget for advertisement is, there are a few ways you can find the best talent possible. Looking outside of your area, offering the opportunity to train the right candidate, or looking internally to promote your existing employees are all great ways to find the best talent possible.

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