NetCents Coin release built on security, experience


From an investor perspective, the easiest way to evaluate the merits of an ICO is to count the number of “ifs.”

“If we raise X and if our development team can complete Y, then we should be able to do Z, IF …”

Sadly, most ICO prospectuses offer some version of the above, with their multiple hypotheticals. Better to invest in a coin that has ticked all the boxes before coming to you.

Better to invest in the NetCents Coin. By integrating into the NetCents merchant gateway and payment processing platform at launch, the NetCents Coin will have immediate traction within the existing NetCents network, one processing more than one million transactions every month.

CEO Clayton Moore said he has worked in payment processing for 15 years. Ten years ago, he entered the online gaming world as it grew in popularity, becoming an early Bitcoin adopter by providing rewards in the new cryptocurrency to game winners. That lengthy history with the emerging technology allowed NetCents to jump at the ideal time.

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“When Amazon and Home Depot announced they would begin accepting cryptocurrency, given our background we decided to refocus on that,” Mr. Moore said.

Mr. Moore said it is clear to him that the future of paying online lies with cryptocurrency. It is seamless and provides a much easier user experience. While volatility issues will affect its popularity as an investment vehicle, NetCents sees plenty of opportunity in working with merchants to streamline their acceptance of it as a payment method.

“The merchant’s goal, if they are selling something for $50, they want $50 for it,” Mr. Moore explained. “They’re not interested in a cryptocurrency whose value is highly volatile. They are not speculators. They are running a business and have bills to pay.”

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“That’s where we dove into the development side, making buying with cryptocurrency as seamless as purchasing with Visa and Mastercard. Now’s the time to introduce it to the masses, the masses who don’t understand the technology or even need to. They just need to know it works.”

The NetCents platform allows the merchant to choose their preferred payment options, Mr. Moore explained. Bitcoin, Ethereum, MasterCard, Visa and fiat currencies are all accepted payments methods from the user’s wallet.

While Bitcoin was designed to be a decentralized currency, it has turned into anything but. Out of all Bitcoin addresses, 3.47 per cent own 95.89 per cent of the entire market. NetCents will change that by delivering the NetCents Coin through its existing ecosystem.

The NetCents Coin is secure. NetCents accesses 145 worldwide data sources, including Interpol, UN and FBI sanction lists as part of its IP and user verification process.  Their probability modules identify fraudulent users and transactions in the pre-processing stage, saving banks and credit card companies chargeback fees. Through the NetCents Coin Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization, coin releases, node networks, coin technology evolution and maintenance of the Treasury Reserve Account are all securely addressed.

All stakeholders will be protected thanks to a unique Treasury Reserve Account that accepts 100 per cent of the proceeds from the sale of treasury coins on day one and in perpetuity as coins are issued, Mr. Moore said.

“Building this Treasury Reserve Account is key to the NetCents Coin’s long-term credibility and acceptance in the marketplace, making it a mainstream coin and not just an instrument of speculation like other cryptocurrencies in circulation today.”

The NetCents Coin will also be liquid. The NC Exchange, completely independent from NetCents Technology, handles all payments, settlements and blockchain distribution metrics.

After being involved with cryptocurrencies for more than a decade, Mr. Moore believes NetCents knows what customers want. Combine that long history with the strong distribution network and NetCents makes the most sense among the few competitors in the payment processing side of cryptocurrency. NetCents truly offers the full package

That’s good news for the merchants that are deemed higher risk by Visa and MasterCard because of a flaw in their system, not the merchants’.

“Those merchants, many reputable companies that Visa and MasterCard deemed higher risk, are looking for an alternative,” Mr. Moore said. They’re being guided in our direction, and NetCents is positioned very well.”

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Bankless Times was paid $350 in United States currency by NetCents for preparation and publication of this article.