The benefits of a unique recruitment campaign

As a business owner, you know the importance of an exceptional staff team. You have created and fostered a set of employees that are cohesive and come together as a unit with a shared ethos and who buy into the business vision. Your team are motivated to be productive and do their best for the company.

The family-esque feel to your staff is something you are rightly proud of and rocking the boat terrifies you. However, when employees move onto new pastures in an effort to broaden their horizons and develop their experiences, it can be hard to find the perfect replacement who will slot effortlessly into your staff team. All is not lost. You should consider implementing a unique recruitment drive. By thinking outside of the box, you could secure an ideal new employee.

Puzzle for the masses

Rumoured to be utilized worldwide by the secret service of every country across the globe, you could insert a puzzle of some sort into a national newspaper testing potential candidates for the skills required for the particular role you’re recruiting for. This could be a crossword, a word search, an IQ test snippet that requires lateral thinking or a problem to solve. Inviting people to send in their entries will allow you to then contact those that show promise before inviting them for a more formal chat.

A discrete advert

If you’re after a candidate with exceptional attention to detail, you may wish to publish a job advert that is discretely hidden within an industry leading magazine. Only those with an eye for detail will spot the advert, and only those looking for a new challenge will apply. Already you have whittled down the field, and you have secured a pot of potential new employees with the relevant requirements.

Untapped potential

It’s not always all about the method of advertising a new role to secure the best candidates but also where you go to market. Consider searching overseas and going international.

There is an untapped pool of talent amongst those applying through asylum immigration channels who could use a sponsor to aid them in the process. In return for your sponsorship, you could have a new staff team member who would otherwise have remained an unknown entity.

Using social media

There is no greater or more extensive means of communication in the 21 century than Facebook and Twitter, et al. If you can develop a nuanced social media campaign that goes viral, your company and the role you’re looking to recruit for will be seen by millions more potential candidates than by simply inserting an advert in the recruitment pages of a publication. You could request an alternative means of application such as a video response, a GIF or a Twitter post of no more than 140 characters.

It doesn’t matter in what sector your business is based, you can still think outside the box to aid and better your recruitment process. Although you may fear upsetting the balance of your cohesive staff team, it’s vital that you find that one special candidate using all methods at your disposal.