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Blockchain-powered platform TEND add pair to exec ranks

TEND, the blockchain-powered platform for life-enriching investments, today announced that Rasoul Jalali, former UBER General Manager for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO of Vivaldi Group, have joined the company as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Strategic Advisor, respectively.

Already counting former UBS and SAP Group CIO Oliver Bussmann among its Strategic Advisors, TEND aims to enable a new paradigm of shared ownership of unique assets with both meaning and financial value.

Marco Abele

“I am excited to bring a preeminent industry leader like Rasoul Jalali on board as COO,” TEND founder and CEO Marco Abele said.

“With exceptional experience in building and scaling a supply and demand platform from scratch, as well as launching and expanding a thriving business internationally, Rasoul is a rare talent in this field.”

A recognized leader in marketplace design and operational expansion, Mr. Jalali joins TEND having served as UBER’s General Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is intended for Jalali’s expertise to furnish TEND with an effective, scalable growth model, allowing the platform to continuously expand its customer base and global network of investors.

“Rasoul Jalali places the same premium on the network effect as a key to business growth and reputation building as the rest of the TEND team,” Mr. Abele added.

“Rasoul is an expert in developing the operational excellence which is required to build an effective community network. His dedication to ‘best in class’ service will ensure sustainable growth for the TEND platform, transforming investment markets into a place where customers can find value which goes beyond the financial.”

“Having worked on UBER’s expansion in key European markets, I am aware that the effective cultivation of customer networks is essential to drive a business’ growth and that the physical service experience offered by the platform, as well as its interaction with partners, need to be perfect to capitalize on network effects,” Mr. Jalali said. “I am excited to join such a visionary venture, and look forward to contributing to TEND’s work introducing meaningful and purposeful investment opportunities to those who do not have access to them currently.”

TEND aims to function as a large-scale investment platform without owning hard-assets, a similar business model to other asset light organizations such as Uber and Airbnb. Providing investment opportunities within the expanding shared economy, TEND aims to leverage the rise of transformative technologies and smart contracts, to apply them to real life assets and create co-owned investment opportunities driven by purpose and emotion.

Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler, founder and CEO of Vivaldi Group, a former marketing academic and globally recognized thought leader, has joined TEND as a Strategic Advisor. Dr. Joachimsthaler is a renowned brand and digital growth expert with close ties to a number of the fastest growing companies in the world.

“I believe TEND is an incredibly exciting project, which will have transformative effects on the way we envision wealth and meaning for the modern global consumer,” Dr. Joachimsthaler said. “The TEND platform is based on social interactions and the more people that interact the more value is created. TEND is in a prime position to unlock the exponential value which it is possible to create in a platform-based business.”

Unveiled earlier this month, TEND has already built a working alpha version of its product and has completed test rounds with a group of early users. TEND also recently announced that it will hold a financing token generation event in the coming months, which will aim to be fully compliant with Swiss securities law.

“Moving forward, we are determined to continue to attract select high-calibre individuals to effectively turn our vision into reality,” Mr. Abele said.

“Rasoul Jalali and Dr. Erich Joachimsthaler are superb additions to the TEND team, sharing our conviction in the dynamism and benefits offered by platform businesses and viral growth. Jointly, we look forward to offering new dimensions of meaning and value to investors, as well as customers that have previously been denied the opportunity to truly enjoy their investments.”

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