Can tech eliminate the need to hire?

Businesses across the globe are feeling the pinch thanks to economic uncertainties and upheavals. And when they feel that profit predictions might be compromised, it is the labour market that might suffer.

Aside from a few redundancies, new hires reduce dramatically so that companies are not committed to high wage bills and taxes. But even when the economy is good, is there really a need to hire people for every little task your business undertakes?


Robots are evolving all the time. In fact, robots have been used in manufacturing and industry for decades. Does that mean you should consider investing in one? Not necessarily. Robotics and artificial intelligence have limited applications at the moment. That doesn’t mean they won’t continue to evolve, though.

Of course, there are other issues to consider. That human touch goes a long way. And the prospect of being met by a robot at check-in, or handling your enquiry will put a lot of people off. There is a place for robots, such as the assembly line.

This will reduce the need to hire a human workforce considerably. After all, robots don’t tire, they don’t complain, and they don’t demand a monthly wage!

Software and apps

Ordering new software and apps to help streamline the business processes is nothing new either. These days, you might even use tec software rfp templates to put a job out to tender. Many administration, HR, and customer service tasks can be completed by automated processes. This is thanks to simple apps and software. This might eliminate the need for a full contact centre. It can even be used to handle online customer enquiries.

Some companies are investing more and more in automated ordering processes. They’re using off-the-shelf or customizable software packages. Internally, you can remove the need for large HR departments by utilizing state-of-the-art employee management software. Your workforce can book their own leave, manage promotion reviews and even engage in mentoring or coaching remotely.

Better security

Security can now be monitored from anywhere in the world at any time of the night or day. Cameras can be controlled by the app and viewed. Even responses can be automated or managed from overseas. High-security entry systems reduce the need for human checks of credentials. It also reduces the risk of human error.

Would you prefer a human eye watching over you? Picture source

Better security systems and automatic alarms and locks have greatly reduced the need for human security teams and personnel. However, there is still a need for security at popular entertainment venues. There is something about a human ‘bouncer’ that feels both assuring and commanding!

Do we really want a business without people?

Ultimately, the robots, software and apps need to be developed and controlled by a human somewhere in the process. It seems unlikely that our culture will entirely warm to the prospect of human-less customer services, management, and security. Of course, there is a place for automation and robots in dangerous environments and with repetitive tasks.

Sadly, we can’t ignore the fact that many jobs have been swallowed up in the drive forward with technological advancements.

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