Cash or crash: Is your website built for maximized financial rewards?

The company website is arguably the most important asset in any modern business venture. However, with so many operations now utilizing the World Wide Web to great effect, yours cannot afford to fall short due to simple mistakes. Unfortunately, there are several that could hold you victim.

Let’s look at five factors that could be preventing your online game from unlocking its full potential.

Branding elements

A company website should pack a punch from the word go. For the sake of a few dollars, a premium domain address sets a far stronger foundation.

Meanwhile, the logo, colour schemes and page layout features need to make a positive first impression. Getting this initial aspect right won’t guarantee success, but getting it wrong will almost certainly ruin any chances. In truth, your site shouldn’t even be live if it is lacking in this area.


With a world of data at their fingertips, users won’t stick around if the website doesn’t navigate well. From personal experiences, our exception reporting is one of the most vital ingredients in running a smooth operation. Without identifying those bugs, it’s almost impossible to rectify them.

As such, you could be missing out on potential profits without even realizing it. Likewise, not being 100% certain will leave you with a sense of doubt. For many reasons, knowing that the mechanisms of the site are working well is pivotal.

A lack of expertise

Whether the clients are consumers or b2b customers, they need to trust your business. As such, your website must use the right language and terminology to underline your authority within the industry.

On a similar note, however, there is a need to show an appreciation of your place in the market. Different audiences respond to varying tones and levels of formality. If the site shows professionalism as a business and a service provider, it won’t go far wrong.


Nothing frustrates an online user quite like a website that won’t load or is constantly hit by downtime. This is just one reason why we choose a suitable web host that can handle the traffic and offers maximum uptime. While ours is hardly the biggest website on the market, the need to follow a similar pathway on the hosting front cannot be ignored. If your website is down, the business essentially has its doors closed.

As such, this will encourage potential clients to take their custom elsewhere. Frankly, that’s the last thing anyone needs.


If selling online, the site should accept as many payment types as possible. Before worrying about this, the domain should support omnichannel success. The mobile audience is bigger than ever, so ensuring that pages look equally great on the small screen is vital. Mobile App development is something that works wonders for many companies. Even if you don’t embrace this, optimized pages are key. On a similar note, using social media as well as telephones and other customer care facilities can inspire greater trust.

Of course, a successful business also needs to provide winning products and services. Still, with a strong website behind it, the hopes of achieving those goals will look better than ever.