Common questions people ask About Apple – answered

When it comes to technology, Apple is almost impossible to ignore. Since the launch of the first-ever iPhone, Apple has been riding a wave that has seen then reach near cult-like status.

However, while they may have achieved a status that most companies can only dream of, Apple also has something of a habit of confusing the general public. Their gadgets may be the dream for tech aficionados but can be challenging for mere mortals to truly understand. Couple this with a powerful reputation and a huge number of myths spread about the company, and it’s easy to see why so many people have unanswered questions regarding Apple.

So, in an effort to bring some clarity to the situation, let’s go through some of the most commonly asked questions about Apple, its services, its products, and its place on the technology scene…

Why has Apple developed such a cult following?

Many people ask this question, but the basic reality is that no one really knows the exact reason– though speculation is possible.

The main reason that Apple has developed such a cult reputation could be the fact that they are notoriously wary of third parties. Their products are produced by Apple, running Apple’s operating system, and using Apple software. Apple does not collaborate in the same way that the majority of other tech firms do, and have even been accused of being hostile to developers.

The end result of this insularity is that people feel they are either absolutely “Apple people” or they’re not “Apple people” at all. It’s worth remembering that for every devout Apple fan, there’s likely to be someone else that is just as vocal in their dislike for the company.

Is Apple iCloud unsafe?

Apple’s iCloud has suffered from unfortunate press attention over recent years, with the usage of the platform being linked to numerous leaks. As a result, many people wonder if it’s safe to use the iCloud.

Some of the vulnerabilities of iCloud are tough to deny. The major issue is pointed out on; Apple devices are always logged into the iCloud, which is different from more advanced forms of cloud services. However, iCloud is safe, is protected, and is reliable for millions of people; the only reason that the iCloud has even drawn such attention is that it’s so widely used.

The vast majority of people who do use the service will never experience any problems with it, so it’s safe to conclude that yes, the iCloud is secure, though of course, you will need to apply the usual tips for cloud safety as mentioned on

Why are Apple involved in so many markets?

Most people tend to associate Apple with smartphones and computers, which is why they are confused to see just how much the company tends to branch out in its offerings. From the Apple watch to Apple Pay, Apple is seemingly always adding to their repertoire.

The reason for this is simple: Apple can. The company is large enough to invest in R&D in new areas, so it does. Some of these work; some don’t – but the ones that do work help to cement Apple’s reputation, while everyone forgets about the failures.

Why was Apple so late to the smart speaker market?

With the recent release of the Apple HomePod, many people have found themselves wondering how a company so famed for its forward-focus has been so late to the party on at-home smart speakers.

There is no confirmed answer to this, but a likely cause is that Apple simply misjudged just how popular smart speakers were going to be, and as a result didn’t prioritize finding a place on the market. They also likely imagined that thanks to that cultish following, even their customers who had already tried an Echo or Google Home Mini would be more than open to also buying a similar Apple product when it finally hit the shelves.

Even now the HomePod has debuted, signs aren’t looking good for Apple; as report, the HomePod has been found to have the potential to cause lasting damage to furniture– so perhaps Apple should have waited a little longer for their much-anticipated debut into the smart speaker market.

Why is Apple so expensive?

This is, perhaps, the single biggest question that the general populace has for Apple as a company. There is no doubt that the company has a reputation for being expensive, which was once seen as a plus point– Apple products were seen as superior to lower-priced options, and there was a certain cache from being able to afford Apple products.

Times have changed, and the criticisms of Apple’s pricing structure are now both louder and more widely accepted. When the iPhone X was released, for example, nearly every review went to great lengths to point out that yes, the phone was nice, and it had a few new features– but it wasn’t worth a price tag that was bordering on extortionate. The X costs more than most people spend on their laptops, and many felt that it simply didn’t justify the price tag.

So why are Apple products so expensive? No one really knows– even the best manufacturing processes cannot explain why Apple’s products are so much higher than their nearest rivals. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook would, as covered by, have consumers believe their prices are that high because they have to be to deliver the outstanding products that Apple makes. Apple invests more in R&D than other companies, but many people still scratch their heads as to these two reasons being the true reason for Apple’s pricing structure.

In truth, the answer is likely to involve these things, but also involves the very simple answer: “because they can”. If Apple were to find there was no appetite for their products at the current price levels — as they may be about to discover with the HomePod — then prices would likely fall.

In conclusion

Hopefully, this has helped answer some of the common questions you about Apple as a company. While Apple may be a puzzling company at times, there’s no doubt that their place in the market is largely deserved and well-earned.

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