How safe is your data?

Personal data, business data, it doesn’t matter. Data is important to us no matter what. There are so many important details that are filed on the internet and in remote servers of customers, and of your own information. But do we know how safe it actually is? The truth is, we don’t. All we can do is create new and improved methods to try and store it in the safest way possible. A lot of people are so skeptical about giving their data to anyone at the minute because of the way hackers can use it. All they really need is your name and address and your identity can be forged. However, is there so need to be paranoid about how safe our data is? Well, that’s what we’re going to try and explore today. Let’s see how safe it is, and what can be done to further protect our data.

Data protection

Companies are constantly trying to improve the ways in which your data is being protected like using data protection officer services, however, there have been some data protection failures, but there have been some data protection failures as of late that have left huge companies in the spotlight. However, there are some companies that are doing all they can to protect open data services such as the Dropbox and the cloud. Dropbox is growing ever more popular, but there has always been great speculation about whether data will actually be safe there. As of yet, there haven’t been any major data protection breaches of a server that is just so vast, so they must be doing something right. One thing they have got on point is customer service, something that a lot of companies don’t seem to offer. Are local internet services with personal support the future? Well, yes they are. More and more people are turning to internet services such as the one we’ve listed, but there isn’t enough local support to help people through their issues. Instead, it’s a long process to get the help you need, and sometimes the help isn’t even there or in a language that can be understood. It’s important to remember that a lot of these services are US or UK based, but they are used in nearly every country in the world. Therefore they’re lacking the customer service in different languages, but the demand doesn’t stop growing. What you’re left with is a lot of people with a lot of problems with their data, something some companies need to work on improving.

Data hacking

Fortunately, it is so so hard for people to hack into data storage, whether it be internet storage services like the ones we’ve already discussed, or remote servers that are managing data from potentially millions of customers. But what we do know is they are trying on a daily basis. A lot of hackers are just doing it for the fun of it. To try and create a stir from major companies. There are the ones that are doing it for money, and those are the hackers that are prepared to take more risks, the ones that could actually use and abuse your data if they don’t get what they want from the companies they’re trying to hack. What companies are doing, however, to try and prevent this is a constant back up of data to prevent a total data loss and constant update of encryptions and passwords. It’s scary to think from a companies point of view, to know hackers could be trying to access their database at any point. But luckily, the future of technology and data protection is looking up.

Data scandals

There has been done really big data protection breach scandals all over the world as of late. They often can’t be stopped, but the worst thing some companies try and do is cover up what’s actually gone on, the result of which can be even worse. As of recent, there is being a new EU law implemented that means companies could face huge fines for a cybersecurity breach. Luckily for the famous fitness app Myfitnesspal their data security breach came with just two months to go until the new law is implemented. Unluckily for their customers, it does mean a lot of data was stolen, and not a lot can be done about it. All customers have been informed, but the damage that has been done could potentially be devastating to their business. The hackers were said to have taken millions of passwords and emails, such information could potentially be used to hack into personal accounts, so the damage is potentially going to be widespread.

So, how safe do you think your data is after reading this? For the most part, it is safe, but just be wary of who you’re trusting with your data.

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