Are you flying your own nest?

Building up your home from nothing, just four empty walls of space, is one of the most rewarding things you can do. That thrill that you get from first getting your keys, your first sofa being delivered, and your first deep clean… oddly enough, is just one amazing feeling that can’t be beat. You’ll most likely spend years building your home up and making it your own, and that’s what we love about being a homeowner. But everyone is so focused on having kids and watching them fly the nest, but what about when you fly your own nest. This home that you have so proudly built up, might not be you forever home, and that’s perfectly fine. But what you need to start thinking about, is the who, what, when, where, and why! There’s so many things to think of, because with moving home later on in life, you really will be starting from scratch. So, let’s dive right in, and help you fly your own nest!

Nicolas Huk

Who & What

So, who are you going to be flying the nest with? Is it going to be just you and your partner, or do you have little ones following along? If it’s just you and your partner, you’re blessed. You can find a smaller home that will suit you, and smaller always means cheaper. But if you’re going with a family in tow, you need to think about all the practical elements of the home that you might be moving to! This real estate blog can help to put some ideas into your head as to what you should be looking for, and what you should be trying to avoid. But you also need to think about what type of home you’re moving to. If you’ve lived in a semi-detached home all your life, but have hated the fact that you can hear the neighbours, you know moving to another isn’t an option. So think about the type of home you want, and what needs you have that you need it to suit.

When & Where

Now you need to think about when, because the when could mean the difference between a bunch of stress, and a smooth move. You need to get the timing right for your finances as well. If there’s no situation rushing you, you should really take the time to have plenty of extra savings behind you to fall back on. Of course, the where is also so important. You want a location that has absolutely everything around you that you need. If you hate being in a built up area, you know you need to go for a smaller town. But if you’ve hated being in a small town that nobody knows, then it might be time to think about going into a big city vibe.


Finally, you need to think about the why. Moving home is such a big deal, and there’s going to be so much stress that comes along with it. So, you really need to be able to justify your move, and make sure you’re not going through the stress for nothing!

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