StackOS named Decentralized Cloud Provider for Neo Ecosystem

StackOS, an open protocol that allows individuals to collectively offer a decentralized cloud, has entered into a strategic partnership with Neo, a blockchain platform for building decentralized applications. To cement this new relationship, StackOS will play a pivotal role during the Neo Hackathon, which will kick off during the middle of May.

Launched in mid-April, $STACK has already increased its market capitalization to just under $10 million. StackOS is an infrastructural protocol which allows developers to deploy and host their applications onto its decentralized cloud.

“We welcome the addition of StackOS to the family of successful Neo incubated projects, which will also add value to the Neo ecosystem, enabling community developers to deploy applications in minutes on the decentralized cloud,” Neo founder Da Hongfei said. “This will make deploying applications anonymous, secure, cheaper and resistant to DDOS attacks.”

“We aim to support Neo developers in connecting more easily to our platform, including allowing computing resources to be bought with Neo,” StackOS cofounder and CEO Vishnu Korde said. “We have also arranged for our native STACK tokens to be interoperable on the Neo blockchain.”

To ensure easy Neo Integration, developers can write their applications, bundle them as a Docker Image and then deploy them on private testnets before promoting them to the mainnet. Utilizing private testnets will allow DevOps to work privately much more effectively. Native NeoFS integration on StackOS will enable applications deployed on StackOS to use it as a decentralized file store. This functionality is available all within the decentralized cloud of StackOS.

“The hackathon will introduce developers worldwide to StackOS with a Neo N3 node integrated for the event, and all applications built during the event will be deployed on the decentralized cloud of StackOS,” added Da Hongfei.