TikTok removing crypto related posts

TikTok is now removing crypto-related posts, influencers worried

Creators of cryptocurrency content are crying foul. TikTok is censoring and taking down their content, claiming they are violating community guidelines.

Some of these creators had already gotten droves of followers who were keenly keeping up with their content. However, the recent update by TikTok has taken censorship to the next level.

TikTok’s new policy and what happens to affected content

So, with these new guidelines, TikTok automatically removes content that includes audio, video, images, comments, live streams, and texts that violate its policies.

It uses both human moderation and technology to enforce these new guidelines. This happens in real-time automatically, without necessarily having someone report it first.

The company also updated its policy on branded content, limiting the promotion of financial services, such as cryptocurrencies. However, users may disclose their promotion status using a branded content option on the TikTok app.

Let’s put all this censorship into perspective:

When you post a video and mention words like Binance, Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, and Dogecoin, the post is most likely going to be removed at the snap of a finger. You’ll then instantly get a notification saying that the post violated a community guideline.

Sadly, you will not be told which specific community guideline you violated. That may easily send you into confusion trying to figure out what went wrong. In case two of your videos are taken down, you’ll be banned from posting. The bans can go for a day and even up to a week.

Let’s say your video is removed, or you get banned. You may consider reaching out to TikTok for help, hoping a friendly customer support person will explain to you what happened.

However, influencers claim that they do not get responses. And any automated replies they get are not helpful. Still, some creators claim that their videos sometimes get reinstated after they appeal the takedowns.

Way forward for influencers and cryptocurrency content creators in TikTok

TikTok is fast becoming a challenging terrain for cryptocurrency content creators. The new policy is not just affecting their crypto content. Influencers claim that it is also affecting their followers, with many hitting a bottleneck. Their number of new followers is moving slower than ever.

This has shocked many creators, who now say that the way forward will be to move to other platforms to freely share their content. For example, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Discord do not have such strict limitations.