Enhance your cybersecurity in three simple steps

It doesn’t matter whether you lead a small startup only recently having dipped your toes into the big wide world of business or whether you are a large multinational conglomerate, the issue of cybersecurity is important for all.

There’s nothing worse than suffering a ransomware attack, locating adware on your servers or finding your network inundated with a virus. You cannot simply rely on firewalls to protect your data. You need to be proactive and enhance your cyber security.

Your staff team

It’s vital that everyone who works with you understands the importance of remaining vigilant online. You cannot simply have a cybersecurity policy lurking in the depths of an employee handbook only for it never to be referred to. It pays to have cybersecurity as a top focus for your staff briefings once in a while. You need to actively promote the importance of being resistant to any form of cybercrime.

You should hold a refresher annually to reiterate the basics; every member of your team should have a complex password, never log onto unsecured servers and under no circumstances should they be opening an attachment in an email they weren’t expecting. Most ransomware attacks are successful because of human naivety and a lax attitude to cybersecurity.


Even the largest and most successful businesses are vulnerable to the most advanced and sophisticated cybercrime. Even though you may protect your company’s data as much as you can, there will still be a small chance of it being stolen by cybercriminals. It’s important that you use a product like Infrascale that will enable you to restore your systems quickly and efficiently should your servers come under attack.

By backing up regularly, you will have a recent clean, uninfected version of your systems on which to fall back on. This means you will not be forced into paying any ransom or seeing the reputation of your company suffer.

Knowledge is power

Just because you have a product that will backup your data, your staff team understand the importance of cybersecurity policy, and you keep abreast of the latest technology to protect your data, you cannot rest on your laurels. As a business leader, you need to control who sees what within your company.

By keeping data ringfenced and only accessible to those individuals who need to see it, you are keeping it more protected. With fewer people able to access the most important data, there’s less chance of human error when it comes to keeping financial details, personal addresses, and other sensitive data secure.

Cybersecurity is becoming more of a threat to companies as advancements in technologies and online capabilities take hold. While many people like to assume they know their way around a cloud or server or network, their skills are no match for the most determined hacker.

As you implement as many barriers as possible, you can deter the most sophisticated cybercriminals. By maintaining a proactive attitude, you can keep cybersecurity a number one priority for your business.

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