Charlie Silver Blends Crypto and User Data Control

Ever since the inset of the Internet Age, data has held tremendous value. Thousands of companies, financial institutions and even governments make revenue from it. From YOUR data.

Charles Silver wants you to make money too. Mr. Silver is the chairman and CEO of, a company helping people get control of their data. In its current form the Internet is unfairly slanted to companies and search engines who take the data you generate with both your online and offline presence and make money while you get shut out of the new economy that you are powering.

Early in his career Mr. Silver founded RealAge, a permission-based marketing firm that used customer data to provide them with health-related products and services from their advertising partners. The customer knows they are going to see ads so they get relevant ones and the companies get access to solid leads. Everyone wins.

Charlie Silver

“This is not about privacy – that’s a different topic,” Mr. Silver said. “How does individual get value from data – that’s what we’re all about. We’re not about privacy we’re about getting people’s value to them.

Now add cryptocurrency to a situation which Mr. Silver said is perfectly suited for it. Fill out a survey, earn ASK, Permission’s cryptocurrency. Download a browser extension so when you are online you can click on other ASK earning opportunities such as seeing ads for products you are interested in. Visit every day and get paid to see ads.

The nut Permission has cracked is a big one – utility. ASK can be redeemed for gift cards for companies ranging from Walmart, Whole Foods and 7-Eleven to Roblox, PlayStation and Google Play. A range of products are available to redeem ASK for including clothing, sporting goods and pet supplies. ASK can be traded on some cryptocurrency exchanges.

The use cases are many, Mr. Silver said. Earn rewards for renting a car, opening an email, downloading a whitepaper, things you already do. has a deal with Shopify where merchants can offer ASK as a rewards program. OTT television, video games and digital ads are other use cases, as is. On the to-do list is the creation of a demand side bidding platform where advertisers reward consumers with ASK.

This is happening at an interesting time for app developers, given 96 per cent of people have opted out of app tracking on iOS 14.5. That’s a killer for the developer. Mr. Silver believes up to 70 per cent of people will instead opt in if they know their data is working for them.

“This is a perfect use case for cryptocurrency,” Mr. Silver said. “It creates a two-sided marketplace and not just a speculative vehicle.

“It’s time people get paid for their data.”