Top Crypto Events in 2021/2022

The use of cryptocurrencies has greatly appreciated in times on the back of greater adoption. From utility tokens to smart contracts, the use cases for cryptos are only growing. 

Understanding the science behind cryptocurrencies is no easy feat, but learning from industry experts is an excellent starting point― especially by attending cryptocurrency-related events regularly. Afterall, the crypto industry is changing and expanding at break-neck speed. 

For beginners, cryptocurrency and blockchain events provide a perfect platform for networking with industry gurus, discovering new digital assets, product launching, and much more. In this article, we provide you with the top cryptocurrency-related events to watch out for in 2021 and 2022!

Past Events in 2021

TOKEN2049 Europe

Date: October 7-8, 2021

Price: From £399 – £999

Location: London, UK

Dubbed “Europe’s Premier Crypto Event”, TOKEN2049 Europe will bring together 1,000 plus attendees, over 100 speakers, more than 100 journalists from over 50 countries. The event’s speakers are industrial innovators and pioneers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. They’ll be sharing their expertise on the cryptocurrency market. This event is ideal for entrepreneurs, developers, and even crypto enthusiasts. For more details about the event, visit their website via the link below.

Event Link: TOKEN2049 Europe-London

CoinAgenda Dubai 2021

Date: October 8-10, 2021

Price: €1,055.99 – €2,585.74

Location: Dubai

CoinAgenda Dubai 2021 aims to connect Africa and Middle East investors with viable opportunities for startups and ICO. Join them for great insights by industry experts who will also discuss friendly jurisdictions. Key speakers include Anthony Do Lorio (Ethereum co-founder), Fred Chesnais (CEO- Atari), John Hargrave (CEO- Media Shower), and many more. For details on reservation, visit the link below.

Event Link: CoinAgenda Dubai 2021

Future Blockchain Summit 2021

Date: October 17-20, 2021


Location: Dubai

Venue: Dubai World Trade Center

This is the largest cryptocurrency and blockchain exhibition in the MENA region. The Future Blockchain Summit was first launched by Dubai’s government in 2018, congregating the industry’s top minds, trailblazers, startups, and influential investors. It will be a 4 day event allowing participants to network and get educated on Blockchain technology. Key focus will be on: Blockchain in finance, Blockchain as an alternate investment, and Blockchain beyond Crypto. Follow the link below for registration details.

Event Link: Future Blockchain Summit 2021

Blockchain Life 2021

Date: October 27-28, 2021 (Next one in April 2022)

Price: $70 – $535

Location: Moscow, Russia

Blockchain Life is an annual event held in Moscow, and it targets over 5,000 visitors this year. Like it has been in the past, the event will be supported by leading companies and covered by federal & industry press. Blockchain Life designed for industry professionals beginning their journey. Besides networking, participants will learn how to successfully invest in crypto, integrating the Blockchain technology to their businesses, launching their startups successfully, and managing their tokens. The event is ideal for entrepreneurs, startups, fund investors, miners, and developers. Some of the guest speakers include Anatoly Kaplan- Forklog’s founder, Dmitrii Marinichev- internet investigator, and Sergei Khitrov-’s founder. Book reservation using the link below.

Event Link: Blockchain Life 2021

Crypto Fest 2021

Date: October 29, 2021

Price: Free

Location: Virtual/ Online Streaming

Crypto Fest 2021 will unite cryptocurrency stakeholders to discuss issues encountered in the industry and also learn from each other. There will be workshops, interesting keynotes, exhibitions, competitions, and more great stuff. You will learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain, alt coins, tokenization, stablecoins, DeFi, NFTs, and much more. Featured speakers will be Stephen Stonberg– CEO of Bittrex Global and Jonathan Ovadia– Ovex CEO. Book reservation via the link below.

Event Link: Crypto Fest 2021

CryptoCon 2021

Date: Oct 28-2nd Nov, 2021


Location: Phoenix, USA

CryptoCon 2021 is designed for participants of all levels. Here, you get to learn, grow your portfolio, while networking with industry shapers. Don’t worry if you’re green, you’ll be shown how to begin your cryptocurrency journey and thrive, plus the experts will teach you how to succeed and survive in the market. Focus topics will be art, blockchain, NFTs, mining, Tokenization, and much more. Register below to start off your cryptocurrency learning journey today.

Event Link: CryptoCon 2021

LA Blockchain Summit

Date: November 2-4, 2021

Price: Free

Location: Los Angeles, USA and online

The LA Blockchain Summit is expected to feature 150,000 online attendees and 300 speakers. Its main themes will be building, mainstream adoption, and investing in Blockchain technology. You’ll also learn how, where, and why you should learn about the Blockchain technology, plus the positive footprints its leaving behind across the world. 

This thought-provoking event will be presided over by renowned leaders, innovators, and change makers in the Blockchain space. The event will run for two full days and participants will be able to interact with accomplished & astounding market leaders via insightful chats. Some of the event’s sponsors include Draper Venture Network, Los Angeles Blockchain Week, and Itala while streaming partners will be Theta, CryptoSlate, Cryptonews, CrowdFund Insider, and Be[in] Crypto. Click the link below for more on the event.

Event Link: LA Blockchain Summit

The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference

Date: November 4-6, 2021

Price: $325 in Bitcoin or $400 in USD fiat

Location: Atlanta, USA

The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference will be an inclusive event where learning, community building, and supporting innovators will be the main areas of focus. Simply put, this will be a Hackathon; a meeting where programmers collaborate for software development. The first day will be the workshop day while the next two days will include panels, learning sessions & talks, and community-focused activities. 

The event organizers will also support Bitcoin after the meeting by donating to three non-profit organizations that contribute to the seamless functioning of Bitcoin. The three organizations include the Human Rights Foundation, Brink, and OpenSats. Guest speakers will include Jimmy Song, Alex Bosworth, Andrew Chaw, and other renowned Bitcoin experts. Use the link below for more insights on The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference.

Event Link: TABConf


Date: November 7-10, 2021

Price: Limited amount of Developer Track tickets are offered at $350 for developers under the age of 24

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Breakpoint is an event to celebrate the achievements of the Solana community. Focus topics for the event include the Solana ecosystem, Solana applications including use-cases, announcements linked to Solana’s future events, and talks presided over by accomplished developers in the Solana ecosystem.

Key speakers include Balaji S. Srinivasan former CTO (Coinbase), Jeremy Allaire (Circle CEO & Founder), Anatoly Yakovenko (Solana Labs Founder), and many more. There are two types of ticket tiers, each having different privileges. The ordinary ticket guarantees you access to all meetings over the entire period, plus access to the ending party. VIP tickets give you access to the opening dinner, access to the VIP section during the closing party, plus more great stuff! Click the link below to book reservations today and learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Event Link: Solana Breakpoint

Upcoming Events in 2021

DeFi Live

Date: November 10-11, 2021

Price: From £38.93 – £205.07

Location: London, UK

DeFi Live is a two day event expected to have over 1,000 in-person participants, over 40 speakers, and over 2,000 virtual audience. It’s ideal for all stakeholders including thought leaders, investors, fans, and innovators. The first day will be a virtual session on The other events, conference and after party, will be held in Kensington Conference & Event Centre, Arboretum Charing Cross.

The event contributors include Galaxy Brains, Entrepreneurs, Apes, and Degens while guest speakers will be Grey Jabesi (Crypto University Founder) Jay Kurahashi (Ava Labs Marketing VP) Peter Wood (Coinburp Co-Founder), and many others. Use the link below to purchase the appropriate ticket tier option that aligns with your needs.

Event Link: DeFi Live

Democracy4all – Blockchain & Governance

Date: November 11-12, 2021

Price: €50 + fee

Location: Barcelona, Spain 

The Democracy4all – Blockchain & Governance is an annual event started in 2019. It congregates policy makers, stakeholders, and experts to share on the emerging regulatory and technological trends shaping the industry. The event is unique as it focuses on the utilization of the Blockchain technology as a vehicle for change in social, personal, and corporate governance. Additionally, the primary goal of this event is to see how communication between governing authorities and new technologies can be enhanced. 

Democracy4all will be inclusive of workshops, round tables, startup pitching, and dinners & cocktails. Some renowned speakers will be John Denton (Sec-Gen, International Chambers of Commerce) Michael Donaldson (Digital Innovator, Barcelona City Hall) Eva Kaili (Chair, Centre for A.I at European Parliament) and many others. For more details on this event, follow the link below.

Event Link: D4A

Blockworks Digital Asset Summit

Date: November 15-16, 2021

Price: From £ 1,510.94

Location: London, UK

As stated on the DAS website, the event is an institutional-focused crypto conference ideal for portfolio managers and finance professionals. The 2 day event will be held to help participants share and learn from industry experts and practitioners. Key speakers include Edd Carlton (accomplished trader at Flow Traders) Anne Richards (CEO at Fidelity International) Ray Hindi (CEO at L1 Digital AG) and many more.

Focus will be on bull traders’ perspectives, CBDCs, digital assets institutional lending, global finance disruption, future of the financial landscape with consideration to digital assets, plus participants will be able to network and share with industry leaders. The event has two ticket tiers with an offer of GBP 1,399 and GBP 1,499 GBP respectively. The offer runs up to October 29, 2021 and you can use Bitcoin to purchase a ticket. For more on Blockworks Digital Asset Summit, follow the link below.

Event Link: DAS: London

Blockchain Week-Rome

Date: November 16-20 , 2021

Price: From €167

Location: Rome, Italy and online

Has your wish been to network with gurus? , learning from experts? , or discovering new opportunities? Then Blockchain Week-Rome is your go-to event. Here, you’ll be taught all about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Featured speakers will be, but not limited to, Paolo Ardoino– Bitfinex and Tether CTO, Federico Tenga– Chainside co-founder, and Marco Rossi– Movenda CEO. Make reservations for the event via the link below.

Event Link: Blockchain Week (Rome)

AI & Blockchain Summit Europe

Date: November 15-19, 2021

Price: From €149

Location: Malta

AI & Blockchain Summit Europe will assemble both investors and developers sourced from several technology niches including A.I, Blockchain & Fintech, I.o.T, Quantum technology, and Big Data. The AI & Blockchain Summit Europe provides opportunities for contributors to contact them, which could be your big break. For more on this event, click the link below.

Event Link: AIBC

Latin American Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference

Date: November 15-20, 2021

Price: Free – $3,500

Location: El Salvador

Are you looking for a chance to learn while doing business and networking with regional and international market leaders? Then this is your perfect opportunity. Focus will be on live art (NFTs and art) exhibitions, and business talks. Guest speakers are experts in their own rights including Stacy Herbert, Max Keiser, Bruce Fenton, and many others. 

The event will be sponsored by Bitcoin wallet companies, Bitcoin exchanges, and Bitcoin investors. You can access the 4 tier options including regular, business, experience, and free tickets via the link below. Alternatively, you can contact the event organizers for ticket purchases and general inquiries at [email protected].


Blockchain Expo Europe 2021

Date: November 23-24, 2021

Price: Free – €1,049 (+ VAT)

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Blockchain Expo Europe is an annual event converging key industries. Focus topics will be Blockchain, Cyber Security, Internet of Things (I.o.T), and Data. The event’s featured speakers include Chris Sunderman– Blockchain lead at ING, Clarisse Dias da Mota– Blockchain analyst, and many others. Book your reservation using the link below.

Event Link: Blockchain Expo Europe 2021

CoinFestUK 2021

Date: November 25-28, 2021

Price: Free

Location: Manchester, UK

Venue: Manchester Conference Center

CoinFestUK is a free event that will, as has been the tradition, converge cryptocurrency stakeholders to share valuable insights and experiences on cryptocurrency in a relaxed environment. Topics of interest will be adoption, gaming, DeFi, art, cryptocurrency, investing, and workshops. The event organizers are working with speakers who are to host live stream sessions focusing on their projects. Besides learning, participants will get giveaways. There’ll also be competitions to enliven the event. Become a part of this once-in-a-lifetime event by registering via the link below.

Event Link: CoinFestUK 2021

Blockchain Fest-Singapore 2021

Date: December 2, 2021


Location: Singapore

Blockchain Fest Asia’s largest B2B event focused on DeFi, Blockchain, Mining, Gaming, Digital Assets, Exchanges, Fintech, and Investing. Featured speakers are to be announced later. The event is organized by FINEXPO, a community experienced in organizing financial conferences, summits, and forums. Tickets are only 1,000 while virtual slots are 10,000. Book your reservation via the link below today and avoid being locked out!

Event Link: Blockchain Fest Singapore 2021


Date: December 2-4, 2021

Price: From €30 – €1,200

Location: Hamburg, Germany

BLOCKCHANCE is Germany’s leading Blockchain-focused summit, and it comes with a trade fair. Topics of interest will be digital assets, sustainable living, green technology, and artificial intelligence. The event’s primary goal is to link innovators who are striving to provide practical and workable solutions in the above-mentioned areas. Featured speakers include Michael Westhagemann– Hamburg’s Economic Affairs Minister. Dr. Lukas Repa– policy officer at European Commission, and many others. Make a reservation via the link below.

Event Link: BLOCKCHANCE-Europe 2021

CoinAgenda Caribbean 2021

Date: December 7-9, 2021

Price: From $1,586.30 – $3,176.30

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

CoinAgenda Caribbean 2021 is ideal for funds, family offices, practicing traders, and investors desiring to be linked with top startups & investors in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. Focus topics include cryptocurrency, regulations, startups, tokenization, legal systems, and investing. The key speakers will be Joel Comm– “The Bad Crypto” co-host, Bill Barhydt– Abra CEO, Alex Mashinsky– Celsius CEO, and many others. Register today to get a $200 discount! Tickets go in discounted tiers till December.

Event Link: CoinAgenda

Events for 2022

Explore the World of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Date: March 2, 2022

Price: Unknown

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Explore the World of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain is a free event to be held at Harrisburg University. The event converges innovators and the sharpest minds in research, freewheeling, regulation, business pioneering, and banking. You’ll be taught about the role of cryptocurrency and blockchain in today’s financial world and what the future is like. Other topics to be addressed are gaming, cyber security, entrepreneurship, and investing. You’ll also get a chance to interact with key industry players while discovering your position in the cryptocurrency space. Key speakers include Jennifer Oswald– Momentum Inc. CEO, Tom Meredith– UberFi CEO, and many others. Make reservations via the link below.

Event Link: Explore the World of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

The Conference.Exchanges: DeFi Edition

Date: March 5, 2022


Location: Virtual meeting

The Conference.Exchanges: DeFi Edition will be a DeFi-focused event. Key topics will be depreciating liquidity, trading charges, security, client support issues, DEC vs. CEX, tackling legal and regulation challenges. Featured speakers will be Tom Frost– CEO of Yield app, VADIM Koleoshkin – Zerion co-founder, Eugene Loza, aka Excavo– successful trader, and many others. Learn all about DeFi by registering via the link below.

Event Link: The Conference.Exchanges: DeFi Edition

Cryptocurrency World Expo 2022

Date: March 9-10, 2022

Price: PLN 149 (until February 1, 2022)

Get a discount via this link.

Location: Warsaw, Poland (+ stream online)

The Cryptocurrency World Expo 2022 will be the 5th of its kind and this year it will take place in Warsaw in Poland. Participants will be able to meet various exhibitors within the blockchain and cryptocurrency field and more than 35 speakers will share their expertise. The first day of the exhibition will focus on how to enter the crypto market with your business. The second and last day will be centred on how to improve investment decisions. Find out more about the event via the link below.

Event Link: Cryptocurrency World Expo

Crypto Expo Dubai

Date: March 16-17, 2022.

Price: Free

Location: Dubai

This event targets over 3000 guests. Top-notch content on cryptocurrency and blockchain for exploration of smart and secure investment opportunities will be provided. Participants will get key facts and trends shaping the industry while having a chance to mingle with the industry’s top cream. Focus topics include Blockchain, DeFi, digital assets & economy, NFTs, startups, investing, and much more. Use the link below to get the full details of this event.

Event Link: Crypto Expo Dubai 2021

Blockchain Africa Conference 2022

Date: March 17-18, 2022


Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

You can expect innovators, enthusiasts, corporates, and stakeholders from over 30 countries in this event. The event will provide a learning, collaborating, and networking platform for participants of all levels. Additionally, exhibitions will be used to showcase innovative projects in the Blockchain and Crypto industries. Blockchain Africa Conference 2022 is particularly ideal for beginners. However, anyone fascinated by the Blockchain technology and Crypto is a prime candidate for this event. The link below will take you straight to further details of the event.

Event link: Blockchain Africa

Bitcoin 2022

Date: April 6-9, 2022

Price: $99 – $1,349

Location: Miami, USA

Would you want to attend the largest Bitcoin-themed event of all time? Join Bitcoin 2022 to have your wish fulfilled. The event organizers promise to assemble the Bitcoin community under one roof. The 4-day event will feature Industry Day (day 1) Main Conference (the 2nd and 3rd day) and Sound Money Fest on the last day. Guest speakers will include Adam Back, Alyse Killeen, Michael Saylor, and many others. Visitors are expected to be over 35,000 including over 450 speakers, 250+ sponsors, over 3,000 companies, and more than 100 artists. 

With industry shapers such as Michael Saylor, Tony Hawk, and Jack Dorsey on the list of expected guests, Bitcoin 2022’s aim is to draw global attention to Bitcoin. Get your ticket today to avoid missing this once-in-a-lifetime Bitcoin event via the link below.

Event link: Bitcoin 2022

Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2022

Date: April 13-14, 2022

Price: €50 (students) – €1,750 (Platinum Pass)

Location: Paris, France

Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2022 has been described as “The Best European Blockchain Conference”. It will assemble over 1700 innovators, investors, and renowned global media houses in Paris to discuss all about crypto and the Blockchain technology hence, making France the first G20 country to create such a business-friendly environment. Guest speakers include Mark Yusko (Co-Founder, Morgan Creek Digital Assets) Cedric O. (State Secretary, Digital Affairs, France) Wei Zhou (CFO, Binance). The event sponsors include Stellar, Cognizant, Tezos, PWC, and many other international companies. For a chance to make your reservation, and network with innovative enterprises, startups, and industry shapers, follow the link below

Event link: Paris Blockchain Week Summit


Date: May 4-5, 2022

Price: $399 – $2,999

Location: Singapore

TOKEN2049 will be Asia’s first Crypto-focused event. It will assemble all stakeholders including innovators, investors, enthusiasts, and thought leaders to evaluate and share on how the Blockchain technology and Crypto has evolved and their impact in today’s financial landscape. Industry experts will share their perspectives on the two subjects while other participants will have an opportunity to learn fast-hand from the experts. With coverage from international media, you can bet the event will be worth your time and money. Follow the link below for more information.

Event link: Asia TOKEN2049

Asia Crypto Week 2021 Singapore

Date: May 2-8, 2022

Price: (A part of Asia TOKEN2049)

Location: Singapore, China

Asia Crypto Week is a 5 days series of developer-focused and educational events. The event is keen on promoting the adoption of the Blockchain technology by providing expert advice on the industry. Asia Crypto Week is ideal for cryptocurrency experts and enthusiasts willing to share experiences, learn from each other. Topics to be covered include Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cyber security, DeFi, Tokenization, and much more. Reserve your spot today by registering below.

Event Link: Asia Crypto Week 2021- Hong Kong

Blockchain Expo – North America

Date: May 11-12, 2022

Price: Unknown

Location: Santa Clara, USA

Are you a tech geek or enthusiast? Then the Blockchain Expo – North America is a must-attend event. Here, you’ll learn about the Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber security, Cloud, and 5G. Expected attendees are over 5,000 including 250+ speakers. The event is particularly ideal for innovation heads, CTOs, startups, company directors, and technology providers. However, that should not deter you from attending. Book your reservation today via the link below.

Event link: Blockchain Expo

CoinAgenda Europe

Date: May 23-25, 2022

Price: €1,319.74 – €2,585.74

Location: Monaco

CoinAgenda Europe is ideal for funds, family offices, practicing traders, and investors desiring to be linked with top startups & investors in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. Focus topics include cryptocurrency, regulations, startups, tokenization, legal systems, and investing. Speakers are professional investors, digital currency funds and entrepreneurs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field.

Event Link: CoinAgenda Europe

Florida Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit

Date: May 25-26, 2022

Price: Unknown

Location: Florida, USA

This will be the first blockchain and Fintech focused event highlighting the strides made in the financial technology (Fintech) space. The primary goal of the event will be to congregate all Fintech stakeholders based in and out of Florida. The event organizer, Chris Krimitsos, plans to get a clear strategy by the end of the event which will be used to make Florida a Blockchain and Financial technology leader in the world. Chris is the founder of the world’s most successful and largest podcasting outfit, PODFEST. The event contributors and partners include Celsius, Bitcoin Lightning, Blockspaces, Florida Blockchain Business Association, and SHEQONOMI. The event is ideal for beginners, stakeholders, and Fintech advocates. For more on Florida Bitcoin & Blockchain Summit, click the link below.

Event link: FBBS


Cryptocurrency and blockchain events are excellent avenues to discover and seize opportunities in the quickly changing world of crypto and blockchain. The events listed above are your gateway to the future. Attending an event? Let us know!