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Best Universities Offering Blockchain And Crypto Degrees


As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream thanks to the rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, and metaverse gaming, many education institutions are including blockchain-based courses as part of their curriculum.

If you are interested in blockchain technology and want to prepare for a career in the industry, you may want to sign up for one of these courses. There are many options available all over the world. No matter where you live, you may be able to find a course that suits you.

Do You Need A Degree In Blockchain Or Crypto to Work In The Industry?

Not necessarily. Most of the in-demand cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs do not require a formal degree in the subject. You may want to specialize in a broader topic, such as computer science, business, finance, or programming. Many of those courses have blockchain and cryptocurrency elements nowadays.

However, if you are passionate about crypto and blockchain, you can still find many dedicated courses at some of the most prestigious universities and colleges in the world. While most of the list that follows does not include actual degree courses, they are indeed applicable to advancing your knowledge in Blockchain and related areas.

Universities Offering Blockchain Courses In Asia

  1. Amity University Online (India): Certification courses in Blockchain Technology & Management

  2. IIIT Bangalore (India): Postgraduate Diploma in Software Development for Blockchain; postgraduate certification in Blockchain Technology.

  3. IIT Kanpur (India): Certification in Introduction to Blockchain Technology & Applications.

  4. IIT Kharagpur (India): Course in Blockchain Architecture Design & Use Cases.

  5. IIT Madras (India): Certification in Software Engineering for Blockchain.

  6. IMT Ghaziabad (India): Certification in Blockchain Technology Management.

  7. SP Jain School of Global Management (India): Certification in FinTech.

  8. Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (Hong Kong): Courses in FinTech Security, FinTech Risk Management, FinTech Disruptive Innovation, and FinTech Foundations & Overview; specialized course in FinTech Industry Transformation & Regulation.

  9. University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong): Courses in Introduction to FinTech, Blockchain & FinTech Applications, and FinTech Ethics & Risks; certification in FinTech.

  10. Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore): Course in FinTech.

Universities Offering Blockchain Courses In North America

  1. Dalhousie University (Canada): Certification for Blockchain.

  2. Duke University (USA): Courses in Entrepreneurial Finance, FinTech Law & Policy, and Blockchain Business Models; certification for Blockchain Applications.

  3. University Canada West (Canada): Certification in Blockchain Entrepreneurship.

  4. Ryerson University (Canada): Course in Blockchain Risk Management.

  5. York University (Canada): Certification in Back-End & Blockchain Development, Full Stack Blockchain Developer, Master Blockchain, and Blockchain Development.

  6. Harvard University (USA): Courses in Introduction to Blockchain & Bitcoin and Breakthrough Innovation with Blockchain Technology; certification in FinTech.

  7. Loyola Marymount University (USA): Courses in Blockchain & Industry, Blockchain Foundations & Frameworks, Blockchain Cases.

  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA): Courses in Blockchain Ethics and Blockchain Technologies; certification in Digital Transformation.

  9. Portland State University (USA): Courses in Business Blockchain.

  10. Princeton University (USA): Course in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies.

  11. Rutgers University (USA): Course in New Technologies for Business Leaders.

  12. Stanford University (USA): Courses in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.

  13. University at SUNY – Buffalo (USA): Courses in Decentralized Applications, Smart Contracts, Blockchain Platforms, and Blockchain Basics; specialization course in Blockchain.

  14. University of California, Berkeley (USA): Courses in Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies; certification in Blockchain Fundamentals.

  15. The University of California, Irvine (USA): Courses in Blockchain, The Merkle Tree & Cryptocurrencies, The Blockchain System, and Cryptography & Hashing Overview; specialization course in Blockchain.

  16. University of Pennsylvania (USA): Course in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain; specialization course in Foundations & Applications of FinTech Specialization.

  17. University of the Cumberlands (USA): MS in Global Business with Blockchain Technology.

  18. Wayne State University (USA): Certification in Blockchain.

Universities Offering Blockchain Courses In South America

  1. Austral University (Argentina): Course in Blockchain Disruption.

  2. Pontificia Javeriana University (Colombia): Course in Blockchain Technology Fundamentals.

Universities Offering Blockchain Degrees and Courses In Europe

  1. University of Nicosia (Cyprus): Courses in Security Token Strategy, Applied Forecasting, Blockchain Regulatory Academy, Blockchain Law, and Introduction to Digital Currencies; certification in Blockchain Business Analyst, Blockchain Financial Analyst, and Blockchain Developer Certification; MS in Computer Science and Digital Currency.

  2. INSEAD (France): Courses in Transacting on the Blockchain, Introduction to Blockchain for Financial Services, Introduction to Blockchain Technologies, Blockchain Opportunity Analysis, Blockchain Crypto Assets & Decentralized Finance, Blockchain Transformations of Financial Services, Blockchain in Financial Services, and Blockchain & Business.

  3. Saxion University (Netherlands): Course in Bitcoin.

  4. Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology (Russia): Master's degree in blockchain with such courses as DLT, Cryptography, Tokenomics, DeFi, HLF, and many more.

  5. ‘IEBS’ Digital School (Spain): Postgraduate Diploma in Blockchain; master’s degree in Blockchain & FinTech.

  6. International University of La Rioja (Spain): Degree in Blockchain Applied to Business; courses in Blockchain Application Development.

  7. Miguel de Cervantes European University (Spain): Master’s degree in Applied Blockchain.

  8. Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain): Master’s degree in Blockchain & Business Applications.

  9. Ramon Llull University (Spain): Certification in Innovation in Finance.

  10. Universidad Europea (Spain): Master’s degree in FinTech & Blockchain.

  11. University of Alcalá (Spain): Master’s in Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Cryptoeconomics, and Blockchain Engineering; global master's degree in Blockchain Technologies.

  12. University of Salamanca (Spain): Masters in FinTech or Blockchain & Smart Contracts.

  13. Zigurat Business School (Spain): Course in Blockchain Essentials.

  14. EU Business School (Switzerland): MBA in Blockchain Management.

  15. University of Geneva (Switzerland): Certification in Advanced Studies in Blockchain & DLT.

  16. University of Zurich (Switzerland): Course in Deep Dive into Blockchain.

  17. Imperial College London (UK): Course in FinTech Program.

  18. Liverpool John Moores University (UK): Degree in Computer Science specializing in Blockchain.

  19. London School of Economics (UK): Specialization course in Cryptocurrency & Disruption.

  20. University College London (UK): Courses in Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology; certification in UCL Blockchain Rules.

  21. University of Oxford (UK): Certification in Blockchain Strategy.

Universities Offering Blockchain Courses In Australia

  1. RMIT University (Australia): Courses in Developing Blockchain Strategy and Designing Blockchain Solutions; certification in Emerging Technologies & Law and Blockchain-Enabled Businesses.

  2. University of Technology, Sydney (Australia): Course about blockchain.

Universities Offering Blockchain Courses In South Africa

  1. University of Cape Town (South Africa): Courses in Start Up Your FinTech Future, Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets & Blockchain Technology, Financial Regulation & FinTech Companies, Building FinTech Startups in Emerging Markets; specialization course in FinTech Startups in Emerging Markets; certification in Disruption in Finance.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous options available to you. As blockchain and cryptocurrency technology improve and more projects come out, you can expect more courses to become available. So, if you want to prepare for a life in crypto or blockchain, consider signing up for one of these degrees.

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