A Comprehensive Review of HaasBot – Is It Legit?


No doubt, there are lots of cryptocurrency trading robots out there with each claiming to be the best. However, the real test is when these bots are deployed for use. HaasBot is one of the cryptocurrency trading robots that does not only fulfill all that they promised but also offer the users lots of other options.

Cryptocurrency trading is very risky considering the volatility in the market. With a trading robot such as HaasBot, you may stand a better chance of getting better returns on your investment. We have put together this HaasBot review to help you understand the good and bad sides of this automated trading robot.

What is HaasBot?

HaasBot is both a premium cryptocurrency trading robot and the “premier feature of the HaasOnline Trade Server”. HaasOnline is the website and parent company behind the HaasBot cryptocurrency trading robot.

As a cryptocurrency trading robot, HaasBot offers users a wide selection of options that will help traders maximize profits from the volatile crypto market. This robot is one of the most established trading robots with the best algorithms in the industry. With the platform’s ability to let you place trades without restrictions and partner with several exchanges, the chances of making profits are increased.

The parent company, HaasOnline, has been present in the cryptocurrency market since 2014, just 5 years after Bitcoin was launched. The company was established with the primary aim of helping cryptocurrency enthusiasts, professional traders and institutional investors find a better bearing in terms of their trades. With a plethora of trading strategies and lots of other advanced automated trading functions, the company helps you hedge risks and make more profits.

Continue reading this HaasBot review to find out the most unique features of the HaasBot cryptocurrency trading robots, the potential downsides, and some of the working products already in use across different trading platforms.

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Pros and cons of using HaasBot


  • It offers a wide range of securities, trading indicators, and insurances
  • Has deep integrations with a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Multiple cryptocurrency trading robots
  • 14-day trial license
  • No restrictions on trade volumes


  • A bit expensive
  • Beginners will find it hard to customize the robots

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HaasBot markets, assets, and options

What assets and products can you trade using HaasBot?

HaasBot is primarily a cryptocurrency trading robot. As such, you can only use it to trade different kinds of cryptocurrencies. Considering the volatility in the market, the robot has been designed to look deeper to find the best price points to make better profits for the users.

You can trade different kinds of cryptocurrencies with this software. Notable among these cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. You can also trade stablecoins, such as Tether USD (USDT).

What leverage options are there?

HaasBot didn’t mention if it supports leverage trading options. But the software has a dedicated arbitrage trading robot. This robot can at times find better buying and selling opportunities across different exchanges than human traders.

Leverage trading is risky. Consider doing it with flexible risk management strategies so you don’t lose most of your money in the process.

What are the spreads?

At this time, HaasBot doesn’t offer any spreads across its wide selection of cryptocurrency trading robots.

Fees, limits, and payment options

How much does HaasBot cost?

HaasBot is a paid cryptocurrency trading software because of the advanced features offered and the cost of maintaining the software.

As mentioned on the website, the pricing is flexible so that potential users can find the plan that suits them. Interestingly, there is an option to use the 14-day free trial license plan to get a hang of things before upgrading to any of the account types. Upgrades from existing accounts to higher plans are also supported.

Below are some of the account types offered by HaasBot and how much they go for:

  • Beginner: As the name suggests, this is the first or primary account type offered by HaasBot. With this account, you will get access to over 20 trading indicators, access to 11 insurances, and 10 Safeties. You will also be allowed to delegate the software to 22 exchanges. The Beginner plan starts at 0.009 BTC.
  • Simple: This plan is “ideal for growing investors” who want to compound their revenues from cryptocurrency trading. Included in this plan is access to over 40 trading indicators, 13 insurances, and 20 Safeties. The price starts at 0.16 BTC.
  • Advanced: This is the third and most advanced account type offered by HaasBot. It is ideal for “seasoned traders”. You will get access to unlimited trading indicators, Safeties, and insurances. Also, you will have access to unlimited cryptocurrency trading robots, zero fees, unrestricted trades, and paper trading.

What are the payment methods accepted by HaasBot?

For now, all payments for subscriptions to any of the account types are payable in Bitcoin (BTC).

Does HaasBot also charge fees and commissions?

Interestingly, the cost of using the HaasBot cryptocurrency trading software is only limited to account subscriptions. You wouldn’t pay any fees or commissions for the trades.

However, the exchanges collaborating with HaasBot might require you to settle the maker and taker fees. But this is usually low.

HaasBot trade sizes and limits

There is no limit to how many trades you can place and execute via the wide selection of cryptocurrency trading robots offered by HaasBot.

These unlimited trades also come with zero trading fees.

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HaasBot’s platform

How does HaasBot work?

HaasBot works by helping you find viable trading opportunities in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. With this software, you can enjoy complete privacy because your API keys and trade data are stored only on your secured hardware.

In terms of how it works, HaasBot first starts by delegating the market scanners to find viable buying and selling opportunities in the crypto market. Depending on the type of trading robot you are using, the functionalities can differ.

For example, the Standard Trade Bot is one of the most used HaasBot trading robots. It works by creating different kinds of trade types, including margin and spot trades. You can also customize the robot by using different insurances, technical indicators, and Safeties to create rules for the trades.

The Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bot works by finding small price differences across different cryptocurrency exchanges. The idea is to leverage those price differences to create multiple Buy and Sell orders that will amount to huge profits over time.

The other type of robot is the Order Bot, which is designed to only execute an order (Buy or Sell) once the set price is reached.

What device can I use HaasBot on?

HaasBot doesn’t have a mobile application or require one. If this is what you are looking for, the exchanges partnering with it can offer one.

The HaasBot cryptocurrency trading software works by allowing you to install its server on your system, preferably a Windows laptop or a MacBook.

The system requirements are specified below:

  • Windows: Installing the HaasBot server on your Windows requires 1GB SSD storage (or more), Windows Server 2016 Windows or 2010, Broadband Internet connection, 8GB RAM, and up to 64-bit Quad-Core processor from either AMD or Intel.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS): This requires 8GB RAM, 1GB SSD storage, and 64-bit Intel or AMD operating system. The VPS must also be from recommended providers, such as Digital Ocean and Vultr.
  • Linux and macOS: The requirements for these include 1GB SSD storage, macOS Version 10.15.x or later, Mono Framework Version 6. x or higher, 8GB RAM, and 32-bit/64-bit Quad-Core from AMD or Intel with a speed up to 2GHz.

What exchanges and brokers does HaasBot Partner with?

HaasBot partners with over 20 cryptocurrency exchanges where its trading robots are deployed to automate trades on behalf of the users.

These exchanges include:

  • Binance
  • Poloniex
  • BitMex
  • OKEX

Can I use HaasBot in my country?

HaasBot didn’t specify the countries where the software can be used. Consider finding out if the cryptocurrency exchanges partnering with HaasBot are offering trading services in your country. If they do, you are good to go.

Is HaasBot available in my language?

The supported languages weren’t mentioned either on HaasBot’s website. But since the content of the website is written in the English language, it means that English is one of the supported languages.

You can always get in touch with the customer support team for more information about this.

How easy is it to use HaasBot?

It is very easy to use the wide range of cryptocurrency trading robots under HaasBot. No special trading strategies or knowledge of advanced trading indicators are required.

There are different kinds of cryptocurrency trading bots for you to choose from. Simply subscribe for any of the account types and start deploying any of those robots to trade on your behalf.

Key features

HaasBot offers several features meant to make your cryptocurrency trades hassle-free. These features include but are not limited to a scripting tool, developer license, and powerful trading engines.

Scripting tool

Under the HaasOnline platform, there is a tool called HaasScript. This is designed to be a leading cryptocurrency scripting language that allows traders to “script” or create complex technical indicators and trading algorithms. You can also use the scripting tool to come up with accurate trading signals.

Developer license

Don’t want to live trade? Consider going for the 3-month Developer License issued by HaasOnline, the parent company of HaasBot. With this license, you can test or delegate any of the cryptocurrency trading robots on multiple machines to see how they work.

Powerful trading engines

The broader HaasOnline platform is built with the best trading engines in the cryptocurrency market. This includes historical backtesting to evaluate the previous price changes in cryptocurrencies and real-time live trading for evaluating how the custom scripts work in live market conditions.

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Security and regulation

Is HaasBot legit?

HaasBot has been doing business for many years, offering the best cryptocurrency trading robots. So far, it has amassed several positive reviews that prove it to be legitimate.

Is HaasBot safe?

HaasBot has many facilities in place to protect the users. These facilities include the use of SSL certificates to privatize users’ information and banking details, the delegation of the HaasOnline TradeServer (HTS) to keep the robots functioning 24/7, and HaasOnline Cloud for backing up everything about the bots online for secure storage.

Are me and my money protected?

HaasBot only helps the users to spot profitable buying and selling opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. The security of your funds and management of your portfolio is mainly handled by the affiliated cryptocurrency exchanges.

Is HaasBot regulated?

We don’t know for sure because the information about its regulation is not published on the website. However, HaasBot partners with most of the regulated cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance. This adds additional layers or legitimacy to all that the software offers.

Do I have to verify my account with HaasBot?

HaasBot didn’t mention if the verification process is required. But most of the cryptocurrency exchanges partnering with the platform require different verification processes.

Collectively called Know Your Customer (KYC), this is the process used by the affiliated cryptocurrency exchanges to verify your identity. Some of the required documents for the verification are:

  • Government-issued identity card
  • International passport
  • Utility bill

Extra information

Educational resources

Yes, HaasBot has tutorials and guides on the website. From this, you will learn about the steps to take to start using the bots. There is also a compiled resource on questions & answers. This is where the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about HaasBot are answered.

You can also find a couple of other cryptocurrency trading guides on the affiliated cryptocurrency exchanges.

Tools & charting

You will get access to over 600 commands, including chart plotting and technical indicators when you use the HaasScript tool provided by HaasOnline.

Customer support

Got questions to ask or further clarifications? Feel free to contact the HaasBot support desk via email.

How to get started with HaasBot

Start using any of the HaasBot cryptocurrency trading robots by following these steps:

  • Create an Account: The first step is to create an account on the HaasOnline website. Create a password and add your telephone number.
  • Choose an Account Type: Now, choose from any of the 3 account types – Beginner, Simple or Advanced.
  • Familiarize Yourself with the Account: Take some time to go through the account, mastering how to use the indicators and paper-trading for a while.
  • Automate the Trades: You can now choose from any of the cryptocurrency exchanges on the list. The bot will automatically take over from this point and start automating your trades either by using the premade/predefined robots or the one you created using your rules.
  • Take Profits and Repeat: The goal of using the HaasBot cryptocurrency trading bots is to make more profits from your trades. So, take the profits as they come and consider reinvesting the profits in new trades to accumulate more profits in the long run.


HaasBot is an amazing collection of different cryptocurrency trading robots. With many crypto exchanges partnering with the HaasOnline platform, it becomes easier for traders/users of the bots to find several trading opportunities.

The bots are not certain to be regulated, but the cryptocurrency exchanges are certain to protect your information and your portfolio.